Roofing Membranes

When it comes to roofing membranes, the #1 choice among roofing contractors in Jamaica is Sika Sarnafil Roof Membrane distributed by CESCO Jamaica.

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Sarnafil roofing and waterproofing membranes use only premium ingredients along with the ideal blend to produce the highest quality, longest lasting thermoplastic membranes in the industry.

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When asked “what makes Sarnafil membranes different from all the other pvc roofing membranes” it is almost impossible to give a simple answer (because there are quite a few reasons).

However, to make it easier for our readers our “Top Four” reasons are highlighted below.

Membrane Formulation

50+ years of creating the ideal blend of premium grade raw materials to achieve the industries longest lasting thermoplastic membrane.

Membrane Thickness

Our thickness is guaranteed. Our membranes will meet or exceed the thickness indicated on the package label.

Third Party Certification

BBA Certificates stating that Sarnafil membranes should have a life expectancy in excess of 35 years.


The industry’s premium highest platinum rating!

True Test of Roofing Membranes in Jamaica

The actual performance proven in the field over time is the only true test of a roofing system’s quality especially here in Jamaica. Billions of square feet of Sarnafil membrane have performed with distinction over the past 50 years in climates of every description with many of the installations still performing after 30 years of service. In this current economy it does not make sense to buy an inferior roofing  membrane, spend thousands of dollars to purchase and install it, only to realize that 7 years later you have to purchase it again. Our roofing membranes have been tried and tested for over 30 years in the coldest and hottest of weather conditions.

Selecting a roofing system should be a decision based on choosing the best long-term value. Sarnafil roofing and waterproofing systems are widely recognized for exemplifying the highest standards of quality, reliability and watertight protection — a claim that has been proven through the test of time.

Speak with us today about preventing water leaks in your slab roof by calling CESCO today at 876-926-7252.

Did You Know?

Sika Roofing was the first single-ply membrane manufacturer to label roofing products under the EPA’s Energy Star Roof Products program. This program is a voluntary partnership between the EPA and a select group of roof product manufacturers. The focus of the program is to promote the environmental and economic benefits of reflective roofing. As a Charter Partner of the program, Sika’s EnergySmart Roof has gained much attention in the media and with well-known research institutes.

Sika’s EnergySmart Roof system features a White, Tan, Reflective Gray or Patina Green reflective, lacquer coated surface. These surfaces have been proven to reduce the amount of energy required to maintain comfort in an air-conditioned building by decreasing heat flow through the building envelope. “Cool roofing systems” like the EnergySmart Roof can save money, improve occupant comfort, increase a roof’s longevity, and reliably protect a building and its contents.

Homeowners in Portmore Jamaica (also known as the “Sunshine City”) that have slab roofs will benefit from reduced in-house temperatures using the Sika Roofing Membranes, as one of the many complains among hoe owners in Portmore is the heat caused from the sun on the rooftops.